Architect’s Masterclass Light

Architect’s Masterclass Change the way you think about software. And the world. While many developers and managers have a clear idea regarding the characteristics, practices, and corresponding set of responsibilities of their roles, the picture is often vague when it comes to software architects. Join developers at Previous Next who took the Architect’s Masterclass course. […]


Ship a Product in a Day! The origins of our Fedex Days lie in our frustrations experienced with big corporations and the length of time it takes to prototype ideas, coupled with the monotony of doing the same thing every day. We started this initiative a few years ago with a view to kickstart our […]

Advanced Architect’s Master Class

The Advanced Architect’s Master Class continues the journey started with the Architect’s Master Class. While the Architect’s Master Class took care of system design, this is just the first ingredient of success. The architect must also design the process and even the project to build the system. This requires a similar but complimenting set of both […]