What we do

Lateral Institute of Technology creates transformative education experiences through immersive practical sessions, built on quality, competence and results.

Our Mission

Quality in Design + Technology. 
Challenge Education. Challenge Individuals – to take control of their destiny and careers.

We craft unique experiences that focus on results, process and leadership. No fluff, no mantras, no rituals, but instead a community of world experts + proven methodologies + real track-record + a dedication towards discipline and professional outcomes.

Most of our students experience our courses as life-changing events, building confidence that anything is possible, through curiosity, hard work, the love of learning and the joy of making things happen, but through integrity.


Lateral Institute is the education we wished we had.

The KNOWLEDGE we share

  • Architecture & System Design
  • Project Design
  • Estimation Techniques
  • Process Leadership
  • Design Leadership
  • QA Leadership
  • Technical roadmaps
  • Project Recovery
  • Why projects fail
  • Why projects succeed
  • How to [always] deliver on time
  • How to [always] deliver on budget
  • How to do more with less
  • Leadership Techniques
  • Motivation techniques
  • Building resilient teams
  • Building resilient software
  • Designing with integrity
  • The importance of quality
  • Stakeholder management
  • Restructuring
  • How to win

Lateral Institute is an alternative form of education.