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While many developers and managers have a clear idea regarding the characteristics, practices, and corresponding set of responsibilities of their roles, the picture is often vague when it comes to software architects.

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This course is for you if you've ever asked yourself:

What is the single most important task facing the software architect?

What is the division of labor and responsibilities between the architect and the project manager?

How much the architecture should be tied into the particulars of the underlying technology used, or for that matter, the specifics of the business?

Where is the hand-off point between the architect and the developers?

What are the necessary skills and analysis tools employed by an architect?

How do you validate the design before construction begins?

How do methodologies such as service-orientation affect the design and development process?

What are software architecture’s best practices, guidelines, and pitfalls?

How do you go about designing world-class systems?

How do you transition from abstract design patterns and concepts to concrete development decisions?

How does the architect decompose the system into its subsystems and modules?

The Format

5 Intense Days.

Together with Senior Developers,

Project Leads

and Architects.

Your Guide

Juval Löwy

Juval Löwy is the founder of IDesign and a master software architect. Over the past 20 years, Juval has led the industry with some of his ideas such as microservices serving as the foundation of software design and development. 

In his Master Classes Juval has mentored thousands of architects across the globe, sharing his insights, techniques, and breakthroughs, as well as how to take an active role as design and process leaders. Juval has helped hundreds of companies meet their commitments and participated in the Microsoft internal strategic design reviews for C# and related products. 

Juval a frequent speaker at major international software development conferences. He is the author of several bestsellers, and his latest book is Righting Software (Addison-Wesley, 2019) contains his groundbreaking ideas on system and project design.
Juval published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of modern software development and architecture. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend as one of the world’s top experts and industry leaders.

Full Course Curriculum

The Architect

  • Software development as engineering
  • Types of architects
  • The role of the architect
  • Architects and technology
  • Architects and the business

Microservices Development Process

  • Design granularity effect on the project
  • The design and the team
  • Project design
  • Documentation
  • Composable design
  • Quality control
  • Design for performance
  • Services simulation and emulation
  • Peer reviews
  • Development and design standards
  • Metrics collection
  • Management visibility

Introduction to Service-Orientation

  • Why service orientation
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Service-oriented applications

Service Contract Design and Factoring

  • Service contract design
  • Contract factoring techniques
  • Contract metrics

Design and Architecture

  • The IDesign Method
  • Classic mistakes
  • Volatility-Based decomposition
  • Universal design principles
  • The architect’s challenge
  • Axes of volatility
  • Design sample
  • Volatility and the business 
  • Open and closed architecture
  • Structure with clients, managers, engines, resource access and utilities
  • Design validation
  • Containing changes
  • Design Don’ts

Service Granularity

  • Every class as a service?
  • Performance consideration and perspective
  • Benchmarks
  • The future platform

The Actor Model

  • Past and future of software engineering
  • Moore’s Law demise
  • Mesh computing
  • What are actors
  • Actors market drivers
  • Messaging design patterns
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Actors misconceptions

Agile and Design

  • Agile in the wild
  • Skills and Agile development
  • Design as key to agility
  • Agile as assembly process
  • Agile and lean manufacturing
  • Compressing agile projects


  • What about Monday
  • The pitfall of Groupthink
  • Architect as agent of change



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